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Empowering women entrepreneurs through trade
Trade has the power to be a crucial tool for women’s empowerment and gender equitydramatically improving local communities, creating new jobs, enhancing consumer choice, and decreasing inequality. When women-owned small businesses export, they pay more, are more productive, employ more workers and report higher than average sales. Still, women entrepreneurs account for a disproportionately small share of exporters relative to their numbers due to obstacles including discrimination, access to capital, information gaps, and trade rules.
In order to tap into the full potential of women entrepreneurs, we must ensure that women have equal access to global markets and the opportunities that flow from trade. 

Women entrepreneurs doing business globally

Discover case studies of women-led businesses leveraging digital tools and resources to reach global markets.

Our work

The Power of a Global Network

This report explores how women are leveraging digitally-enabled networks and how governments can help through COVID-19.


ASEAN Women in E-Commerce

This report demonstrates that women entrepreneurs and small businesses are powerful engines of growth for the ASEAN region. 


APEC Women in E-Commerce

The toolkit is to help APEC policymakers gain a better understanding of the challenges that women experience in cross-border e-commerce. 


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