Transboxx Technologies is Creating Digital Platforms to Modernize Business Operations

Jamaica Gayle
April 29, 2020

Before the pandemic, Transboxx Technologies was in the business of building online platforms to enable companies to modernize and operate digitally. Today, the mission is no different, but the demand for digitization is skyrocketing. 

Based in Nigeria, Transboxx Technologies utilizes a large network of software engineers to provide I.T. solutions throughout Africa. The business specializes in developing Artificial Intelligence (AI) based platforms for hospitality, insurance and financial institutions. 

Web portals, back-office systems and online payment platforms are just a few examples of how the technology company is helping businesses, particularly distributors, reach untapped markets.

“We want to create a product that allows anyone who wants to distribute to do so successfully,” shares Co-Founder Obinna Ekezie. 

Amid widespread lockdowns and social distancing, technology solutions are more essential than ever. 

“Insurance agents can no longer successfully sell a plan by walking into an office. However, this is still how many businesses in the region are operating,” Ekezie explains. “Especially during a pandemic, the only way to continue functioning is with a digital platform.”

Ekezie and his Transboxx Technologies Co-Founder, Ralph Tamuno aim to become a leading provider of I.T. services in Africa, with international capacity, by offering technology solutions from conceptualization to project management to deployment. 

The co-founders are uniquely positioned to understand the digital needs of their customers after working in the targeted industries. Collectively, the pair gained extensive professional experience in the banking and insurance industries before co-founding their first venture, The website and travel company is now one of West Africa’s largest full-service online travel agencies. 

The digital nature and objectives of Transboxx Technologies make it distinctively equipt to aid other businesses in light of the hardships presented by the COVID-19 crisis. 

“Many manufacturers and distributors recognize the need for digitized systems, but they don’t know how to build out their technologies,” Ekezie says. “We can create platforms that allow them to quickly automate, streamline and electronically improve their operations.”

Transboxx Technologies

Obinna Ekezie