The Global Innovation Forum hosted a series of forums and meetings in Sydney, Melbourne and Canberra in October 2017 to explore the technologies, best practices and public policies that can help startups, small businesses and solopreneurs access the global marketplace and operate their businesses on a global basis.  Below are lessons from globally-engaged startups and small businesses, corporations, government officials and professional advisers and links to learn more.


Simple Steps to Global Success at Spark Festival Sydney

On October 13, the Global Innovation Forum, Stone & Chalk hosted a breakfast discussion connecting more than 100 startup, business and government stakeholders to kick off Spark Festival Sydney to explore the advice, best practices and policies that can enable Australian startups to participate effectively in the global marketplace in partnership with Intuit, PayPal and AusIndustry’s Entrepreneurs’ Programme.

“It doesn’t matter whether you’re from Wagga Waga or one of our capital cities… you can do anything, anywhere and export it to the world. And we are providing assistance through our National Innovation Science Agenda (NISA); we’re providing assistance through our free trade agreements with Asia, particularly Japan, South Korea, China and others as well.” – Hon Michael McCormack MP, Minister for Small Business

Click here to watch Minister McCormack’s speech and learn more about the program

“For a small business to really grow and scale they need to make sure they’re leveraging great technology solutions to help them grow because there are so many great solutions out there to help them…It’s such a critical thought to make sure you’re thinking global from Day 1.”

Bianca Bowron-Cuthill, Customer Care Manager, Intuit

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Private Salon Dinner on “Simple Steps to Global Success” with Startup, Business, University and Policy Communities

On October 16, the Global Innovation Forum, Startup Victoria and Stone & Chalk hosted a private salon dinner and discussion among more than 30 startup, business and government stakeholders to explore the advice, best practices and policies that can enable Australian startups to participate effectively in the global marketplace in partnership with Intuit, PayPal and AusIndustry’s Entrepreneurs’ Programme.

The Global Innovation Forum moderated a group discussion about simple steps entrepreneurs can take to help their business succeed globally and tools from both the public and private sector that are available to help them do so effectively.

Discussants included representatives from – 

Stone & Chalk Melbourne // Intuit Australia // PayPal Australia // AusIndustry’s Entrepreneurs’ Programme // New Zealand Trade & Enterprise // York Butter Factor // ACMI X // Australian Small Business and Family Enterprise Ombudsman // U.S. Consulate Melbourne // Nasdaq Entrepreneurial Center // Redbubble // OneStack // Pitney Bowes // University of Melbourne // Plattar // Creative Cubes // Career Lounge // Re-Leased // TouchTech // Intelligence Bank // StoneClap // Australian Trade and Investment Commission (AusTrade) // Nimble

GIF testimony before Australian Parliament on the trade system and the digital economy

GIF Executive Director Jake Colvin testified before the Joint Standing Committee on Trade and Investment Growth on October 19 as part of the Australian Government’s Inquiry into the Trade System and the Digital Economy. A transcript is available online and a short interview covering topics from the testimony is available via About the House (AHT) TV, the official channel of the Australian House of Representatives.


Private breakfast with Australian government officials to discuss public policies and programs to support the success of startups and small businesses in the global marketplace

On October 18, the Global Innovation Forum hosted a private breakfast roundtable among a small group of senior department level officials and corporate partners at Parliament House in Canberra to discuss Australia’s policies around trade, innovation and supporting small businesses in the global economy. Participants discussed Australian Government’s agenda to support outward-looking innovation, takeaways from GIF’s events in Melbourne and Sydney with Australian-based startups and small businesses, and U.S. government and business community priorities around international trade.

Discussants included representatives from – 

Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade // Australian Department of Industry, Innovation and Science // Australian Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet // Google Australia // PayPal Australia // Intuit Australia // Amazon Australia // Global Innovation Forum

Social media and photographs from the discussions