Sam Krauland
July 22, 2019

Photo credit: Pursuit of Passion

With an increase every year in the total number of internet users worldwide, boundaries that used to separate people, such as distance and language, are being broken down. The ease at which goods and ideas travel from one part of the globe to another has created opportunities for a variety of new businesses. One business model that has proven successful is the subscription based e-commerce business, where a typically monthly payment subscribes you to a certain service, which can range from video or audio streaming to food delivery services.

StyleGenie is the first styling subscription box service in the Philippines. Their service is offered both as a one-time purchase or a subscription based service. StyleGenie is essentially an online, personalized clothing stylist that ships handpicked clothing based on the consumers interest. First, users create a style profile, where they input their measurements and preferences in color, patterns, style, and the type of clothing they want to receive. One can even upload pictures or ask to be dressed like certain celebrities to help the stylist narrow down options. After this step, users select the corresponding package to purchase based on the amount of clothes they want to receive, and soon after the clothes show up to their door.

StyleGenie sources their clothes from both local Filipino brands as well as international brands. Founder Abbie Victorino’s goal is not to just help customers receive clothing but also to educate them, saying “We don’t want to be just a shop. We want to be someone who can help you develop and improve your style.” Social media is an important part of StyleGenie’s operation. On their own Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest accounts, they show clothing offered in packages and share styling tips. Additionally, users can opt to share their own Instagram accounts when creating their style profiles, which allows stylists to base their decisions off clothes users typically wear. While the majority of StyleGenie’s sales come from the Philippines, they have partnered with UPS, FedEx, and DHL to reach their expanding international userbase.

Abbie Victorino