Rosy’s Chin Fabrics

Jamaica Gayle
August 30, 2021

Rosy’s Chin Fabrics sources and sells traditional fabrics from female weavers in the Chin State of western Myanmar. The young entrepreneur Cing Zeel Niang (Rosy) founded the enterprise after completing a start-up business course with the incubator Project Hub Yangon.

Like many women-owned businesses in the region, Niang turned to e-commerce to provide an alternative revenue source and eventually to help soften the effects of the pandemic. Niang founded Rosy’s Chin Fabrics as a digital-first brand that is driven by social media. 

Digital First

For Niang, selling Chin textiles online through the business’s Facebook page and advertising through Instagram is the most cost-effective and practical option. She commented that the social media platform is the best option for Rosy’s Chin Fabrics as opposed to a dedicated website because the area’s slow internet speeds would cause delays in web page loading and frustrate potential customers.

Although Rosy’s Chin Fabrics has an in-person shop, its Facebook page with over 70,000 followers is where the majority of the sales are made. The international reach of the company’s social media presence has resulted in customers from around the world. 

“Our customers are from the United States, Australia, Singapore and Malaysia,” shared Niang. “And our Facebook page provides us the flexibility and coverage to be able to reach customers anywhere in the world and run the business 24/7.”

Ongoing Digital Growth

Even as a digital-first company, Niang has dedicated herself to continuing to develop her online skills to support the growth of her business and continue engaging new customers.

Niang uses digital tools to help connect the culture and handcraft of remote Chin weavers to customers around the world. On social media, she shares images and stories of the significance of the tribal fabrics. 

The fabrics of the Chin people, a minority group in Myanmar, hold cultural significance as well as an ornamental role. Niang’s social media posts share these details, alongside images of the handicraft to promote the products and support the artists and their culture. 

Adapting to the Pandemic

Niang is a trained doctor and medical content writer in addition to her e-commerce business. During the pandemic, in addition to keeping up a digital presence on Rosy’s Chin Fabrics platforms, the founder has also started to go with her day job. Niang now does online telehealth consultations to earn more money and help support the fabric enterprise. 

Going forward, she plans to continue prioritizing digitally reaching and engaging with customers from new markets as long as travel is limited. 

Rosy’s Chin Fabrics

Cing Zeel Niang