The New Faces of American Trade

Exploring the role of internet platforms and cloud technologies in the global success of small businesses.


The Global Innovation Forum interviewed small business leaders from around the United States to explore the role of internet- based tools in enabling access to international markets.  This report outlines entrepreneurs’ views on the importance of global markets to their businesses and finds American small businesses are using technology to tap global markets to support local jobs.

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New GIF Report Emphasizes Value of Global Markets, Trade Policies to American Small Businesses and Workers

Washington D.C. – NFTC’s Global Innovation Forum (GIF) released a new report, “The New Faces of American Trade” during a breakfast forum with small businesses, technology providers, policymakers and other key stakeholders. At the launch discussion, three of the businesses featured in the report spoke about how their companies are creating American jobs as the result of their international businesses, discussed the technologies they use to run a global businesses and suggested ways that governments can help.

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“The internet allows us to reach everybody”

“Direct customer response with Facebook ads, Google ads, Pinterest, eBay — it’s everything together. The more the customer sees on the internet, it’s kind of like seeing a billboard 100 times down an expressway.”

— Kevin Zalewski and Rob Patterson, Co-owners, Love Book, Rochester, Michigan

“We get found from all over just through our website”

“The more our government works with other governments and creates strong relationships to simplify [trade]…that’s a huge role for our government to help all of the small companies who are working to export.”

– Jamie Deering, VP of Public Service & Outreach, Deering Banjo, San Diego, California

“It’s really important to me as an entrepreneur to spread our invention throughout the world so everyone can benefit”

“The government can definitely help our small businesses globally. We need to have a seat at the table for trade agreements to promote American values and culture.”

— Dr. Wei Shin Lai and Jason Wolfe, Co-Founders, SleepPhones

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The New Faces of American Trade Placeholder
The New Faces of American Trade

Photos from launch event in DC with Deering Banjo, Love Book and SleepPhones