From Atlanta to the World:’s Journey in Global Talent Connection

Hua Wang
March 29, 2024

Carolyn Pitt‘s leadership and policy advocacy are not only driving forward but also shaping a future where digital trade fosters growth, innovation, and international collaboration.

Carolyn Pitt, founder and CEO, describes as a talent solution that bridges the gap between brands and local production professionals. It is carving a space in the global market by connecting brands with vetted local production talent, thereby streamlining the hiring process and significantly cutting costs related to travel and accommodations.

The platform caters to a wide array of clients, including corporate brands, live event venues, studios, production companies, and advertising agencies, facilitating their quest to create content efficiently. “It’s local vetted talent that they can trust and plug into the role whether it’s a freelance or a full-time role that they’re hiring for,” Pitt explains, highlighting the dual benefits of cost-saving and team diversification.

Based in Atlanta, Georgia,’s global reach is a testament to its success, with a talent community spanning the US, Canada, and 30 additional countries. This extensive network enables seamless content creation across borders, exemplified by a recent project that connected a UK brand with talent in New York City for a large awards show in Times Square, circumventing the need for expensive travel arrangements.

The remote nature of’s team, spread across the US and UK, embodies the modern work paradigm, capitalizing on global talent to foster innovation and growth.

At the core of’s operations are advanced digital tools and technologies from Google, Amazon and AWS and the company’s own proprietary platform.

Pitt mentions the company’s participation in Google’s AI accelerator, an initiative that has bolstered the company’s AI capabilities, positioning it at the forefront of technological innovation in the industry. “The accelerator expands our access to subject matter experts and AI tools and resources to help us build new feature sets.  We are also working with Google’s brand marketing team to help us become even more scalable,” says Pitt.  This engagement underscores a commitment to automation and efficiency, enabling a nimble team to serve a diverse client base effectively.

Pitt’s involvement in policy advocacy for digital trade reveals the importance of understanding the broader implications of these issues for entrepreneurs and small businesses. Her opposition to policies that inhibit digital trade and innovation reflects a commitment to fostering an environment conducive to growth and international cooperation.

“Data localization requirements force us to store and think of data separately, as opposed to free flowing. It’s counter to the way that business works and to the way that businesses use data,” says Pitt.  “And it’s also cost prohibitive, especially for small businesses like ours to be able to be competitive and enter new markets.”

“Digital taxes may cause some small businesses to shut down if it becomes too expensive for them to continue doing business as usual. The ways that we communicate and transfer information right now is not limited by borders. To try to erect these borders in a way that would limit communication would limit our ability to work to establish business to communicate with clients and customers and users of our platforms and would really set us back,” elaborates Pitt.  “Digital taxes and other barriers could force businesses to only operate within their own countries and no longer engage in international business.”

Pitt’s recommendations for policymakers underscore the importance of an expansive approach to digital trade, one that recognizes the critical role of digital tools for businesses of all sizes. She advocates for feedback mechanisms that allow businesses to contribute to policy discussions, emphasizing the need to promote rather than inhibit the growth of smaller enterprises.

Her policy advocacy, informed by her background as an IP attorney and her participation in initiatives like the Intuit ambassador program and Engine’s lobby day, illustrates the vital role of entrepreneurs in shaping policies that affect the global business landscape. Pitt’s engagement in policy discussions, whether through direct meetings with congressional staff or participation in industry events, exemplifies her commitment to ensuring that the voices of entrepreneurs are heard and considered in the policymaking process.

“I’d love for the US government to look at digital trade with an expansive lens and not think of it only as those larger players that are seen as having deep pockets and intentions that are counter to the US. A lot of the ways in which the US government views digital trade is with a myopic lens and not realizing that digital trade is necessary for businesses of all size sizes to be able to engage in the global economy and work across borders,” says Pitt.

As continues to expand its global footprint and innovate with AI-powered tools, Carolyn Pitt’s leadership exemplifies the intersection of creativity, technology, and advocacy. Her vision for a connected and inclusive global talent ecosystem not only redefines content creation but also highlights the critical importance of policy environments that support innovation and international collaboration.

Carolyn Pitt