Sam Krauland
July 22, 2019

Photo credit: LTTCOM

Smartphones, once considered luxury items, have now become some of the most popular technologies across the globe. In fact, in many countries the number of registered cell phones actually outnumbers the population. Smartphones offer users the ability to download mobile applications, which include games, social media, lifestyle apps, and more. With smartphone penetration increasing and humanity collectively spending 90% of all mobile media time on apps compared to 10% on mobile web browsers, mobile applications provide a platform to reach markets in every corner of the world.

LTT Global Communications is a global pioneer in the field of mobile education applications. In 2013, they launched MyMobileUni, which offers mobile online courses, e-books, audio books, videos, and podcasts in an effort to education people at anytime, anywhere. According to Co-Founder and CEO Wemel Cumavoo, “the future of education is being impacted by technology in an unprecedented way with education becoming individualized, customized and more accessible to everyone.” MyMobileUni offers courses that teach English, promote education in STEM fields, and more.

Wemel Cumavoo and his wife, Rani, founded LTTCOM with the mission to actively inspire organizations and communities as a whole to leverage on mobile technology innovations to enhance lifestyle and enrich society. They first started by offering mobile English language learning programs to students at the Open University of Malaysia. After their first 60 students received their certificates of English proficiency, the two co-founders aimed to go global, citing the cost and time effectiveness of their programs.

LTT Global Communications has worked internationally with partners in countries including but not limited to Nigeria, India, Indonesia, and Uganda. They use their Facebook profile to help connect their consumers with the most appropriate product and update users to product improvements.

Rani Wemel