Leo Dassa’s LastMinute: Pioneering AI in Healthcare for Better Patient Care

Hua Wang
February 23, 2024

Driven by a personal tragedy, Leo Dassa’s journey to innovate healthcare staffing is not just a business venture but a mission to improve the quality of care for patients everywhere.

The Genesis of LastMinute

In 2016, Dassa’s brother was diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer. “I moved to Boston and went to chemo with him every weekend,” says Dassa.  Observing the challenges of understaffed healthcare facilities during his brother’s treatments, Dassa realized the direct impact of staffing on patient care quality. This realization sparked the creation of LastMinute, an AI-powered platform aimed at automating healthcare staffing.

The Core of LastMinute’s Innovation

Based in Brookline, Massachusetts, LastMinute is not just another software in the healthcare sector; it’s a solution born out of necessity. Utilizing AI and predictive analytics, the platform anticipates possible staff shortages in healthcare facilities before they occur.

“Whenever the healthcare teams were understaffed or burnt out, it affected the quality care for patients,” Dassa reflects, emphasizing the need for a system that could predict and mitigate these staffing issues.  Within just six months of its launch, LastMinute has partnered with a few large hospitals in Massachusetts, Texas and Iowa.

Policy Challenges

Looking ahead, Dassa is enthusiastic about expanding to international markets, though cautious about the myriad of digital policies that could impact such growth. He expresses concern over proposals like digital taxes and mandatory disclosure of source code, fearing they could stifle innovation and entrepreneurship. “Why don’t we just tax people for breathing?” Dassa remarks, highlighting the absurdity he sees in over-taxation.


Leo Dassa and LastMinute represent a blend of personal passion and technological innovation. With a relentless spirit and a heart firmly set on improving patient care, Dassa is not just building a company; he’s shaping the future of healthcare staffing.


Leo Dassa