Sam Krauland
July 22, 2019

Photo Credit: Aquila Style

One of the fastest growing markets in the world, e-commerce has become a mainstay for business in the 21st century, and is expected to jump from 13.7% of total global retail sales in 2019 to 17.5% in 2021. E-commerce offers many advantages over traditional shopping, such as a greater selection of choices, typically lower prices compared to similar items in physical stores, and saving time and energy for people living in remote locations. Given that e-commerce constitutes less than a quarter of global retail sales, there is ample room for growth.

HijUp is a groundbreaking Indonesian e-commerce platform that focuses on both male and female Islamic garbs, though female clothing is their focus. This enterprise connects designers with consumers, forming a relationship where designers have access to a greater number of potential customers and consumers can browse more diverse clothing. HijUp was founded in 2011 after recognizing that Indonesian women didn’t have enough time to physically go shopping because of busy schedules and increasing traffic, particularly in Jakarta.

Islamic clothing has a much more symbolic purpose than other forms of clothing, something HijUp takes very seriously. Their founder Diajeng Lestari told Textile Today, “Islamic clothes are not only about clothes but it is also about how we made it. So, we have to be very careful about how it can impact our environment.” Islamic clothing is supposed to reflect modesty, and many expressed concern early on regarding wearing hijab in a fashionable manner. However, HijUp has been well received in Indonesia, and they expect to begin international business in the EU soon.

As an e-commerce site, HijUp aims to reach the largest amount of consumers as possible. To do so, they utilize international shipping services such as UPS and accept payment from Visa, MasterCard, PayPal, and more. They have implemented their own rewards program called HijUp Point, where consumers can accumulate points by making purchases and use these points for future purchases. HiJup maintains an active presence on social media, including Facebook YouTube, and Twitter, to connect with customers and promote new products or discounts.

Hanna Faridl