Sam Krauland
July 22, 2019

Photo credit: Manila Workshops

In the modern world, it is advantageous for enterprises both large and small to engage e-commerce users. For those that don’t want to implement a marketplace service on their own website, they can choose to use established services such as Amazon or Ebay. However, considerable work still goes into setting up and managing vendor accounts.

eCFulfill steps in to act as an intermediary for businesses that want to expand into e-commerce. SME’s can find it daunting to engage in e-commerce because of their lack of personnel to update and monitor e-commerce accounts or conduct market research. After recognizing that there was an untapped market of local Filipino goods that could be sold for higher margins if exported, eCFulfill co-founders Bonnie and Neptune Factor decided to create a service that allows locals to sell their goods on Amazon.

eCFulfill started out by providing fulfillment solutions, but has expanded their services to include competitive pricing advice, building brand awareness, and data analytics. Their services allow local Filipino artisans to reach new customers across the world and maximize their profits. After years of successful business exporting Filipino goods to the United States via Amazon, eCFulfill is expanding their shipping services to include Canada, with other world regions to follow.

Social media is an important feature that eCFulfill recognizes as essential for business online. For SME’s seeking to engage the e-commerce ecosystem, eCFulfill states that “at the very least [one should have] a Facebook page and a marketplace presence.” Facebook pages provide a free tool that enterprises can use to promote their goods, conduct customer support, and point consumers in the direction of your products that are sold on marketplaces. On their own Facebook page, eCFulfill advertises their established partnerships while encouraging other entrepreneurs to employ their services.

Bonnie Factor


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