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Jen Yu
August 6, 2018

Photo Credit: Dr. Daniela Braga

DefinedCrowd’s mission is to revolutionize the development of AI globally. Founded in 2015, the Seattle-based startup is building the scalable AI platform that provides well-labeled, highly accurate training data to machine learning products to reach the market faster and with better quality.

Daniela Braga, Co-Founder, President, and Chief Scientist of DefinedCrowd, spoke at Startup Global Seattle, co-hosted by GIF, in 2015.

The global market is crucial for DefinedCrowd. The company opened their fourth office in Tokyo, Japan in April 2018 to reinforce their presence in Asia market. In late July of the same year, the company announced the closing of $11.8M Series A funding round. The capital secured will be used to expand product offering, grow the team, and rapidly increase global market shares.

DefinedCrowd uses Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Paypal, among other tools to operate their business globally.

Daniela Braga