Photo credit: ShiokFarm Ever since the Green Revolution of the mid 20th century, crop yields have increased significantly. This was the result of scientific research that developed high-yield varieties of crops, more efficient chemical fertilizers, and better...

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Photo credit: Asia Pacific MSME Trade Coalition  One issue all small businesses face at one point in time is obvious - they're small. Employees of SMEs are often stretched thin as they are, juggling a number of jobs at once. This can lead to problems when the company...

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The Elly Store

The idea for The Elly Store began in 2009 when Audrey Ng’s niece was born. Living in London at the time and working as a lawyer, Ng received multiple requests from her sister back in Singapore, who was frustrated with the lack of affordable options locally, to buy...

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Skin Inc

“Lazy girl skincare” is how Singapore’s Skin Inc founder and CEO, Sabrina Tan, jokingly describes her brand. Not that Tan would know much about being lazy—at the age of 34, with two kids, and ten years of experience under her belt working in the IT industry for...

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