Earth Heir

Photo credit: Malaysia Tatler Earth Heir is an online social enterprise and retailer located in Malaysia. Founded in 2013, Earth Heir's mission is to advocate conscious consumption, preserve heritage skills and culture, and engage in ethical partnerships. Earth Heir's...

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Photo credit: LTTCOM Smartphones, once considered luxury items, have now become some of the most popular technologies across the globe. In fact, in many countries the number of registered cell phones actually outnumbers the population. Smartphones offer users the...

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Eliza Noordin had problems finding a suitable hijab and clothing for playing sports.  “What we have here in Malaysia are very fitted and not flattering for people who have problems with their figures,” she said.   Noordin founded Nashata to empower modest women to...

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DF Automation

As a professor at Universiti Teknologi Malaysia, Dr. Che Fai Yeong admits that he was a bit out of his depth when it came to commercializing his robotics technology. Luckily, the customers came to him. In 2012, a multinational firm approached him to develop an...

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Batik Boutique

Amy Blair, founder of Batik Boutique, didn’t intend to create an international business; she just wanted to support her neighbor, Ana. After moving to Kuala Lumpur from Texas, Amy met Ana, a single mother who was looking for more income to support her family. After...

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