Protect Your Pumps

While working at Neiman Marcus, Kathryn Jackson saw a void in the market for a product to protect women’s expensive shoes. Jackson explained that she founded Protect Your Pumps “to be the premier shoe care company for those who invest in nice shoes and want to keep...

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MTTS Asia’s husband and wife team originally planned for their company to deliver innovative, low-cost solutions for newborns in Vietnam but were soon in search of bigger markets to scale. In Vietnam, “we’re a very niche market selling in small volumes. Without...

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Vu Van doesn’t sleep much these days. As the Founder and CEO of ELSA, a speech training app, she manages teams in California, Portugal and Vietnam, meaning her primary sleeping hours are between 3–5 pm Pacific Time. “That’s my beautifully quiet time when I sometimes...

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NB Products

For patients suffering from gastrointestinal disease and requiring an ostomy—a surgically-created opening in the body for the discharge of body wastes—returning to life as it was before can be incredibly difficult. Add to that unpleasantness from the ostomy pouch...

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Midwest Scrapbook

After adjusting from a jet-set senior-level corporate role to a full-time caregiver for her newborn daughter, Rebecca Germain, founder of Midwest Scrapbook, found she was ready for a new challenge. Her husband suggested she make a business out of what Germain...

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