Photo Credit: Stevie Borrello As the number of international tourist arrivals to Cuba has been growing in recent years, party planning is becoming a new way for Cubans to make a living. Yamina Vicente, a former economics professor at the University of Havana, started...

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Photo Credit: Carrie Kahn/NPR Robin Pedraja, Founder of Vistar magazine, spoke at the luncheon hosted by Global Innovation Forum in 2017. Mr. Pedraja launched the first issue of Vistar magazine - an advertising-supported digital publication-  in March 2014. It was a...

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Concierge Habana

Photo Credit: EngageCUBA Concierge Havana is a Cuba-based travel agency that provides itinerary service to Americans traveling to Cuba for business or pleasure, including restaurants reservations, booking luxury accommodations, transportation, and specialized tours...

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Photo Credit: Mario Luis Reyes Nostalgicar is grown out of the passion for vintage cars. The family-owned business offers visitors to Cuba various services, including transport services, excursions, and city tours, using classic luxury cars. Nidialys Acosta and Julio...

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Photo Credit: Suguru Suguru is the world’s first modulable glue that can stick to anything but set as a hard, durable rubber. While at school, the founder - Jane Ni Dhulchaointigh - realized that rather than designing new things, she wants to fix and improve existing...

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Photo Credit: Olga Vidisheva Shoptiques, is the online marketplace that lets you shop the best local boutique stores around the world. Olga Vidisheva, the Founder and CEO of Shoptiques, spoke at Startup Global New York City, co-hosted by GIF, in 2016. The idea of the...

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