Wasna Roongsaenthong and her husband Vassilios Lathouras launched NaRaYa in Bangkok in 1993. The couple built the business from scratch, starting out with less than 20 sewing machines and 20 employees to make the products and accessories, which they sold out of a 20...

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Cici Clothing

Despite the influx of modern fashions from abroad, many women in Myanmar still wear traditional Myanmar clothing daily. The clothing requires significant tailoring and is not easily found on racks in clothing stores. Su Wai Yee founded CiCi Clothing in 2014, after...

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Bobi Craft

Bobi Craft’s mission is to empower women and create jobs for disadvantaged people while creating unique handmade children’s products out of yarn. Founded in 2011 in Ho Chi Minh City, the company now employs 450 people - many of whom work from home. Thuy Nguyen,...

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Javara Indonesia

A lawyer by training, Helianti Hilman was inspired by her work in rural agricultural development to help Indonesia’s farmers and artisans to sell indigenous organic products to broader audiences.   Founded in 2008, Javara is a social enterprise that works to promote...

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Ma Té Sai

During one of her visits to the local night market Laos, Emi Weir noticed that very few products were made in the country. It got her thinking about how to empower artisans across Laos to make and sell their handcrafted products locally.   In 2010, Weir launched Ma Té...

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The Elly Store

The idea for The Elly Store began in 2009 when Audrey Ng’s niece was born. Living in London at the time and working as a lawyer, Ng received multiple requests from her sister back in Singapore, who was frustrated with the lack of affordable options locally, to buy...

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