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Caribu is Helping Families & Friends Stay Connected While Apart with Virtual Playdates

Jamaica Gayle
April 26, 2020

Caribu, a Miami-based startup, is an innovative app and educational platform that allows parents and grandparents to read, draw and play games with the children in their lives, from anywhere in the world. The platform provides over one thousand titles to choose from, available in eight languages.

The virtual nature of the app makes it uniquely suited to aid in light of the COVID-19 crisis. “We’re in the business of making global families feel like they’re in the same room when circumstances won’t allow it,” says Caribu CEO, Maxeme Tuchman.

In a time where flying across the globe to visit family or even driving a few blocks to see a friend is not an option, Tuchman has witnessed an uptick in demand. “We’re one of the few companies where demand for our product has skyrocketed due to the nature of the pandemic.”

“Caribu has always had customers in 160+ countries but we’re also seeing deeper penetration in many places around the world impacted by COVID-19,” she shares.

Recognizing the hardships that families everywhere are facing, Caribu announced that they would be making their service free with unlimited access during this difficult time.

“Everything we do is about creating more meaningful connections, and that’s what we think is most important right now–keeping families connected in the most engaging way. We’re like Zoom for kids!”

The use of digital tools to stay connected, while remaining apart is crucial. Platforms like virtual playdates allow families to be together even when physically distant.

Publishers and authors are also acknowledging this necessary adjustment. Tuchman explains, “We have a waitlist now for content as authors and publishers have been reaching out in droves to get their books on Caribu, realizing the shift to digital is now unavoidable.”


Maxeme Tuchman