Sam Krauland
August 1, 2019

Photo credit: Asia Pacific MSME Trade CoalitionĀ 

One issue all small businesses face at one point in time is obvious – they’re small. Employees of SMEs are often stretched thin as they are, juggling a number of jobs at once. This can lead to problems when the company has a new task to take on, especially if none of the current employees are knowledgeable in the area. Third party companies which specialize in consulting can bridge this gap, providing information and skills for much less than what it costs to hire a new employee.

Bizzi is one company that offers a variety of services for businesses, including marketing, sales, legal, financial, and HR services. Bizzi was founded in 2017 with the goal “to provide small businesses around the world with a low-cost, lower risk way to achieve growth beyond what they thought possible.” Professionals from around the world can sign up on the Bizzi website to become MicroConsultants in any of the service fields Bizzi offers, including general practice. After they are in the system, businesses can search for consultants that meet their requirements and book them for a video-conference on Skype, Zoom, or Whatsapp.

One advantage provided by their business strategy is that businesses seeking consulting can choose the perfect consultant for their job. For every service offered, there are numerous specialists at different price ranges. Additionally, the use of internet technologies for booking and conducting conferences allows consultants to be located anywhere in the globe, which can aid companies that want to expand their international operations.

Since it’s establishment, Bizzi has quickly expanded operations to include SMEs in over 57 countries including South Africa, Kenya, India, and other ASEAN counties. Within the first week of operations, they had found over 50 consultants from 10 different countries, and many more have since joined. In addition to using apps like Skype and Whatsapp for their business operations, Bizzi’s team uses Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube to connect with consumers. Their Facebook page posts helpful business advice, and their YouTube account uploads informational videos featuring selected consultants.

Miriam Feiler