Sam Krauland


Photo credit: ShiokFarm Ever since the Green Revolution of the mid 20th century, crop yields have increased significantly. This was the result of scientific research that developed high-yield varieties of crops, more efficient chemical fertilizers, and better...

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Photo credit: Asia Pacific MSME Trade CoalitionĀ  One issue all small businesses face at one point in time is obvious - they're small. Employees of SMEs are often stretched thin as they are, juggling a number of jobs at once. This can lead to problems when the company...

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Photo Credit: Frankitas, a modern Malaysian ethical fashion brand, combines modern style and vibrant colors with traditional, environmentally sustainable techniques to make fashion accessories such as bags, clutches, and jewelry. Using traditional textiles,...

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Earth Heir

Photo credit: Malaysia Tatler Earth Heir is an online social enterprise and retailer located in Malaysia. Founded in 2013, Earth Heir's mission is to advocate conscious consumption, preserve heritage skills and culture, and engage in ethical partnerships. Earth Heir's...

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Photo credit: LTTCOM Smartphones, once considered luxury items, have now become some of the most popular technologies across the globe. In fact, in many countries the number of registered cell phones actually outnumbers the population. Smartphones offer users the...

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Photo credit: Pursuit of Passion With an increase every year in the total number of internet users worldwide, boundaries that used to separate people, such as distance and language, are being broken down. The ease at which goods and ideas travel from one part of the...

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