Jen Yu


Photo Credit: Alain L. Gutiérrez Atelier is one of the most popular and sophisticated paladars (family-owned restaurants operated out of owners’ homes) in the Vedado neighborhood of Havana. Then-First-Lady Michelle Obama dined in with her daughters during the...

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La Rosa de Ortega B&B

Photo Credit: Gabe Gutierrez / NBC News Julia de la Rosa and her husband, Silvio Ortega, run La Rosa de Ortega B&B, a bed and breakfast in La Vibora, the south neighborhood of Havana. The couple inherited the property from Silvio’s aunt 20 years old and slowly...

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Photo Credit: Stevie Borrello As the number of international tourist arrivals to Cuba has been growing in recent years, party planning is becoming a new way for Cubans to make a living. Yamina Vicente, a former economics professor at the University of Havana, started...

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Photo Credit: Carrie Kahn/NPR Robin Pedraja, Founder of Vistar magazine, spoke at the luncheon hosted by Global Innovation Forum in 2017. Mr. Pedraja launched the first issue of Vistar magazine - an advertising-supported digital publication-  in March 2014. It was a...

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Concierge Habana

Photo Credit: EngageCUBA Concierge Havana is a Cuba-based travel agency that provides itinerary service to Americans traveling to Cuba for business or pleasure, including restaurants reservations, booking luxury accommodations, transportation, and specialized tours...

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Photo Credit: Mario Luis Reyes Nostalgicar is grown out of the passion for vintage cars. The family-owned business offers visitors to Cuba various services, including transport services, excursions, and city tours, using classic luxury cars. Nidialys Acosta and Julio...

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