Kaveri Marathe

Rai Ranie

Raifana Ranie first began her business in Brunei as a hobby. She had taken a few fashion courses on the side while pursuing a Master’s degree in the United Kingdom and, when she was on maternity leave a few years later, she decided to put her sewing skills to use. She...

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Shoes of Prey

High heels, wedges, peep toes; leather, suede, printed fabrics; glitter, bows and animal prints: no two pairs are alike. Four-year-old e-commerce startup, Shoes of Prey, is revolutionizing the way women approach footwear. Co-founder Jodie Fox said the concept began...

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Photo Credit: KeepCup For more than a decade, as the co-owner of several coffee shops in Melbourne, Abigail Forsyth had witnessed the rise of the takeaway coffee cup. As their popularity grew, she became frustrated at their underwhelming design—they did not fit under...

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