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Jen Yu
August 7, 2018

Photo Credit: Mr. Joh Roskill

ERP software provider Acumatica offers a group of Cloud-based ERP software including financial management, customer management, and field service management. Acumatics is unique because of its user licensing model, allowing a real-time view of business anytime, anywhere.

Jon Roskill, CEO of Acumatica, spoke at Startup Global Seattle, co-hosted by GIF, in 2015. In the event, Mr. Roskill highlighted the advantages of going global early. “For us, it’s been a good thing to be globally expansive early. I’ve seen companies of $10 million in revenue and 150 people that then start to go international and that’s when they struggle, whether it’s with time zones, other cultures, or communication,” Roskill told.

As part of the global marketing strategy, Acumatica has presences on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, and YouTube, and uses these resources to better connect with global customers as well as to operate the business on the global basis.

In addition, the company is aware that governments have resources designed to help entrepreneurs going global. The management team is leveraging such resources when entering new markets.  “Overseas, the government of Singapore has been very helpful and has been able to open doors, provide loans and things like that to us,” Roskill shared.

Jon Roskill